Positive affirmations became all the buzz in the late 60s and the early 70s. Their undeniable power to change lives for the better rapidly made them a pillar of the self-help movement.

Every technique or method to improve your inner experience of the life you live has at least one (sometimes more) element of affirmation. They’re just that important!


How and Why Affirmations Work

The magic of affirmations is locked up in the way it restructures your mind. And that mind of yours is a truly magnificent apparatus!

It’s made up of your conscious mind – this is where your immediate experiences of your surroundings are processed and your decisions about your actions and even how you feel about situations are made.

Then there’s the subconscious mind. And this is where alchemy happens. Your subconscious is 100% non-judgemental. Read that again. Your subconscious doesn’t judge – EVER!

This part of that wonderful mind of yours doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy. It’s really so! Think about a movie you’ve seen and loved.

Was it a romance? In that case, I’m sure you had the warm-and-fuzzies of romance all around you by the end of the movie.

Was it a horror? Betcha you checked under your bed before you went to sleep. Or maybe you keep the lights on now!

A tragedy? Dollars to doughnuts you reached for the Kleenex before it was all over.

I use these examples because it shows how your mind interprets fantasy as reality. It simply doesn’t distinguish between the two.

So, bearing this in mind, can you start to see how powerful affirmations can be in your life?

Affirmations Impact EVERYTHING!

It is often said a belief is a thought you repeat to yourself often enough. There’s a lot of truth in that.

If you look at the impact negative self-talk can have on your day – in fact, unless you’re completely unique, you’ve actually experienced that in your life as we all have.

You look in the mirror, and you say to yourself: “I’m fat.”

Or, you feel lesser-than in a situation, and you call yourself stupid.

The list goes on, and we all have that tendency. But, remember, your mind doesn’t see the difference between what is real and what is not. It simply goes ahead and actually BELIEVES you when you say those things to yourself, about yourself.

Scary, isn’t it?!

So, the importance of having a healthy inner-dialogue going on all the time cannot be overstressed.

Add to that the scientific fact that thoughts attract similar thoughts. This is another part of the function of this amazing brain of ours we don’t consider properly.

Really? Do Thoughts Attract Thoughts That Are Like Themselves?

Ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning, and from there, the whole day went downhill?

Or, have you noticed, if somebody makes you angry and you stew in that anger for a while, instead of dissipating, you become angrier? You become angry at things that have absolutely no bearing on the original cause of your discord.

And then something else. And then one more thing.

It goes from the sublime to the ridiculous and before you know it, you’re angry about the rice shortage in northeast China, even though you’ve never heard about the rice shortage in northeast China.

Now, you can actually harness this incredible power to regulate your thoughts, and by regulating your thoughts, you can regulate your experience of life. And, it doesn’t stop there – by regulating your experience of your life, you can actually regulate your life!

And, if you can regulate your life, surely you can turn it into a magical experience, right?

Are you starting to see how important positive affirmations can be? I bet you do.

We’re dedicated to getting you started and keeping you going on your affirmation journey. We’ll show you the best that’s out there and keep you posted and motivated.

Remember, it’s all about living the best life we possibly can. And positive affirmations are some of the sharpest tools in your toolkit!

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