Things To Be Grateful For

Gratitude is an astonishing force in the universe. It’s really not the fluffy, frivolous concept on Hallmark cards. It’s a powerhouse of physical health, motivation, emotional well-being, belonging and social engagement.

It impacts patience

The pandemic has changed the way we experience life. And it’s made us impatient. We’re impatient with small irritations in our lives – little things we’d otherwise ignore. We’re impatient with the pandemic itself – it’s time we got on with our lives, right? We’re impatient with each other – my life is upside down as it is. Now you’re adding your bit to my chaos!

But gratitude recuses impatience. And this is straight from the Psychological Science magazine!

The study found that people who were focused on gratitude were more resilient and showed much more patience than those who were focused on their discomfort.

Added to that, the Review of Communication tells us that gratitude directly affects our mental and emotional states.

Gratitude is the root of happiness after all

Things To Be Grateful For

Gratitude shifts the focus from what you lack. And it does so in an instant. Philosophers would have it that gratitude and unhappiness cannot share the same space.

Gratitude also shifts you from the past into the present – and the result is a more mindful experience of life. There is more appreciation for the now, and that brings more joy and peace.

That makes gratitude a sort of gateway emotion. It leads to so many other positive emotions!

It’s really good for your community and your relationships, personal or in business.

Scientific proof says it leads to better sleep, healthier eating habits, more job satisfaction, and fewer headaches.

Gratitude takes you out of yourself. And it’s when we’re so knotted up in our inner worlds that we start hovering around the lower emotions, and our lives become chaotic. It quite literally dims the lights in the sections of the brain responsible for hyper-vigilance and self-obsession!

How to cultivate gratitude

Gratitude is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.

  • Why not start every day with the intention to be grateful? Think about what you appreciate, take a few moments to consider what you’re grateful for.
  • Pay attention all the time, all day. Whether you’re having a cup of coffee, or someone at work makes you smile – notice and be grateful.
  • Expand yourself – don’t get stuck with being grateful for things. Be grateful for people and situations.
  • Keep a journal. Write down what makes you thankful. Focus, pause reflect. Then reinforce and do it all again!
  • Be expressive! Don’t keep the gratitude for yourself. The more you share, the more power you have and the more you give!

Things to be grateful for

It’s often difficult to step out of ourselves into the world and be grateful. So, here are a few things to look out for. It is worthwhile being grateful for each of them

  1. Your health

It might not be great, but it could probably be worse. If you have working parts, you have something to be grateful for.

  1. Your finances

You may not be challenging Jeff Bezos any time soon, but what you have is yours!

  1. Friendship

If there are people around who care, they’re worth more than Bezos anyway!

  1. You can believe what you want

Being able to believe and follow any religion you want, is a blessing.

  1. Your folks

If you still have them, that’s a blessing. Even if they’re completely dysfunctional.

Things To Be Grateful For

  1. The end of the week

And approaching Friday is like Christmas for a child!

  1. Being in love and having someone

If you’re involved with someone, you’re learning about people and the world every day

  1. Your dog, cat, canary, or goldfish

Unconditional love personified!

  1. The ability to learn – especially from mistakes

Imagine never making a mistake. BORING!

  1. An education

It doesn’t matter what level – just the fact that you can read counts

  1. The roof over your head

Wherever it is, and whatever it is!

  1. You can read this article – and the next one

That’s an amazing gift. Without it, your world wouldn’t be the same

  1. The air you breathe

Don’t take it for granted!

  1. Sleeping in a bed

Next time you’re exhausted and fall down on your bed, think about this one

  1. The funny

Imagine a world without laughter.

  1. Being secure and safe

Waking up without fearing for your life? Now that’s something…

Things To Be Grateful For

  1. Automobiles

Imagine living without!

  1. The sun

Not only for the light and the warmth but also for the photosynthesis in the plants

  1. Father time

We always seem to run out of it. But NEVER take it for granted. You don’t know how much of it you have…

  1. Drinkable water

That’s a commodity many people around the world lack.

  1. Mobile phones

Makes grabbing a few minutes to talk to someone you love easy!

  1. Love and love and love

How bitter and dark would the world be without a bit of love-light!

  1. A library of books

The quickest way to travel into the mind of another person, or to another planet.

  1. The surprising kindness of complete strangers

What a lovely surprise every time it happens. Sort of restores your faith in humanity!

  1. Flickering, crackling campfires

The atmosphere created by the simplicity of a long-ago time

  1. Emotional pain

Without it, we wouldn’t know joy!

Things To Be Grateful For

  1. Magnificent art

It’s a beautiful record of humanity’s exploits

  1. The HOLIDAYS!

A great reason to be together and to celebrate loving one another

  1. Say what you want

Not everybody in the world has the freedom to say and think what they want.

A rainbow on a rainy day

Is there anything more beautiful? Pot of gold or not!

  1. Crying

Tears will say what we mean when words fail

  1. A new day

Waking up was your first blessing of the day

  1. Plumbing

Imagine having to walk across the backyard to the outhouse …

  1. Age and wisdom

Youth is wasted on the young …

  1. The mountains and streams

The serenity and peace of mountains and mountain streams are unmatched

  1. Sight

Just being able to observe the beauty around you with your eyes

  1. The 711 down the road

Otherwise, you’d have to forage for your food!

  1. The setting sun

A color palette unlike any other

Things To Be Grateful For

  1. Being entertained

When we’re entertained, we relax and learn at the same time

  1. The ability to think

A functional brain is at the center of your life experience

A job

Even if it’s not great, just having one gives value to your day

  1. The planet’s amazing diversity

Imagine, just for a second, if everything was the same!

The heavenly bodies

The moon, the stars, the planets. Look up at the night sky and see how BIG everything is!

  1. Electric lights

There was a time, not so long ago …

  1. Cool air inside

In hot climates, air-conditioning has to be one of the best inventions!

The ability to hear

Imagine never hearing Mozart, or Jimi Hendrix, or the voice of a child, or the sound of your loved one.

  1. Kids

Hear them laugh watch them grow, and see them play. Drops mike.

  1. Learning

Every little thing you learn is meaningful

  1. Teachers

It doesn’t matter what – if people are prepared to share their skills and knowledge, they’re heroes!

  1. The sea

The last intra-planetary mystery

  1. Healthcare

Imagine getting sick and not having it … Or breaking an arm. Or toothache.

Things To Be Grateful For

  1. Music is the food of love

Imagine not being able to hear the language of the human soul

  1. The economy

People with an entrepreneurial spirit made the world what it is today!

  1. Heat and warmth

Think about next time it’s cold out

  1. The vote

Again, not everybody has that. You have a say. Cherish it!

  1. The Internet

Hard to believe there was a time we managed without it!

  1. Life’s challenges

This is at the core of our sense of adventure as human beings!

  1. Legs to walk with

Mobility is everything – imagine not having it!

  1. Vaccines

Especially now with Covid

  1. The armed forces

The mere fact that we can feel safe while others put their lives on the line to protect us, is something to be deeply grateful for.

Things To Be Grateful For

A life well lived

If you’re wondering what gratitude can do in your life, you should have a look at the life story of Heather Mathews.

Heather had what many would consider to be a perfect life. She owned her own house, she had a wide circle of really interesting friends, and she ran two very successful businesses.

But somewhere deep inside Heather knew something was missing. She was not seeing her life’s real purpose.

So, she started reflecting, and reading, and then reflecting some more.

Just this act of doing something about that hollow feeling, instead of just letting it be and being satisfied with second best, turned Heather’s life into an ongoing adventure.

She is now completely fulfilled and spends her days helping others become the best they can possibly be.

It was all about taking the first step. Being grateful for what she had, and using it to become the best she could possibly be.

Her story is both inspirational and a wonderful source to learn from.

You can pop over to the link below to find out more about the story of Heather Mathews.