Catherine Ponder Affirmations

It’s amazing to think Catherine Ponder has just turned 94! This South Carolina girl is truly a legend. This noted author (she has penned more than a dozen prosperity titles, many of them bestsellers) and well-respected lecturer (most major cities in the United States) is one of the first people who wrote down the affirmations that people can use to truly change the way their mind experiences and creates the world around them.

Her titles ate really worthwhile checking out. If you’re just starting out on your affirmation journey, or if you need a refresher of a motivational boost, Catherine Ponder’s wonderful way with words, and gentle way of persuading the human mind, maybe just what you need.

Here are a couple of her titles, btw, just before we continue:

These works are well worth your while to check out. They’ve all stood the test of time, and they’re still as popular today as they were a couple of years ago. In fact, many of the writers that write about prosperity and affirmations use Catherine as a valuable source when they do their research!

What Do Catherine’s Affirmations Deal With?

We all have SO many unconscious and subconscious blocks when it comes to prosperity, financial freedom, and just happiness in general; one would swear these things weren’t our birthright.

No, really, it’s just completely ridiculous. These blocks come mostly from the way society has conditioned itself over centuries. I could carry on about this paragraph upon paragraph, but that will only be accentuating the problem, and not focussing on the solution – which is another thing we do so well!! BAH!

Catherine Pond’s understood this instinctively, and her affirmations are designed to clear these blocks and give you a healthier, happier way to reprogram your mind. It takes the sting out of the social conditioning of the ages and replaces those un-serving thoughts and mindsets with an inner life that is MUCH more conducive to living the way you want to. And deserve to!

Understanding the Contrast So You Can Choose Better

Catherine Ponder Affirmations

Life gives us contrast, and that is perhaps the most valuable gift we could receive. It is only by knowing BOTH sides of a coin that we can make an informed decision on which side we like best.

We wouldn’t know light if we didn’t know darkness. Joy would be bland and run-of-the-mill if we didn’t know sadness. White and black would be equally meaningless without each other. You get the picture.

Unfortunately, through all the centuries, we’ve been conditioned to focus on what we perceive to be negative. And, in this context, even the word NEGATIVE is a misnomer. Let me explain.

When we’re confronted with a situation in life and the outcome is not to our liking, we often hunker down and stew and bubble and toil over that undesired outcome until it becomes a literal part of us. And, by doing this, we COMPLETELY lose sight of the fact that this outcome is simply a tool the Universe uses to enhance our choices. It’s not negative at all. It’s a HUGELY POSITIVE thing, and we should actually be deeply thankful for it!

But instead, we play the church organ, get dressed in white, and marry the outcome. Damn! It becomes the entirety of our experience of that situation, for better or for worse, until death do us part.

How to Do It Better

Here’s what the picture really looks like. If you stop and think when an outcome presents itself, and simply look for the other side of the coin, the bigger picture will present itself in no time at all.

An undesired outcome to ANY situation is just that – undesired. Something you don’t desire. Something you don’t choose! Something that implies there’s another, a better choice that will serve you better.

If you approach a negative outcome by looking for the opposite, instead of accepting it as a fait accompli, (and summarily booking the church, ordering the ring, and picking the hymns), a whole new world may open up for you.

Catherine Ponder understood this deep-level shift that the human mind could and should make to experience life on a completely new level.

Throughout her life and with her entire body of work, she guided readers and listeners to this new understanding of the human mind and the laws of prosperity and joy.

How Will Catherine’s Work Make My Life Better?

Positive affirmations in the way Catherine Ponder designs and presents them form the basis of many schools of thought.

They’re essential for practitioners of the Law of Attraction. No two ways about it!

Quite simply, the Law of Attraction works all the time, whether we believe in it or not. It means we attract the things into our lives that we focus on. Remember I mentioned getting out of bed on the wrong side?

You wake up in a bad mood. Then, in the bathroom, you slip on the shower mat. You burn your eggs and your car keys are missing. At work, you realize you’ve forgotten important files at home, or you didn’t save last night’s work on the company server. Everything just keeps on going downhill.

That’s the Law of Attraction in action. When you focus on something, it gives you more of the same.

That’s how it works in the negative sense. But it is completely effective in the positive sense too!

Have you ever had a day where you’ve just been completely “in the zone”? Sure, you have. These are the days we wish we could have EVERY DAY. And, if you understand how to work with the Law of Attraction, these are actually the kinds of days you CAN have every day.

If you want a quick crash course, or want to dig a little deeper into what is possible with the Law of Attraction, you should check Manifestation Miracle out. It will ABSOLUTELY change your life.

Manifestation Miracle will teach you how to harness the INCREDIBLE power of the Law of Attraction. It will open your eyes, your soul, and your heart to the process of miracle creation – and it’s real and tangible. Above all, it will show you how to change dreams into things.

These are the kinds of things Catherine Ponder’s work was all about. Bettering your life by using the most natural, scientific principles of well-being. And proper and conscious use of the Law of Attraction is one such way.

Now, imagine – if you can create a positive, happy, healthy, and wealthy thought-world, and if you attract into your life what you focus on, how powerful THAT can be.

Catherine’s affirmations are designed to do just that for you.

Sure, But Negative Experiences HURT!

Catherine Ponder Affirmations

They DO hurt. And it’s not always easy to work through that hurt and get into a better frame of mind so you can get the Law of Attraction to bring more positive and useful things into your life. I get that!

One of the most seemingly unfair things in this life is if somebody else hurts you, and in the process, throws YOUR life all out of kilter.

This happened to Angela Carter. She caught her husband cheating. And, boy, did it knock her hard!!

Angela went through all the motions. She got especially stuck in anger and rage. I’ve been cheated on in the past, and I know how this works. Your thoughts circle dark and dangerous places. Wrath. Revenge. And more.

So, climbing out of that dark well when you have nothing but your fingernails with which to hold on, is not easy.

But that is EXACTLY the place where miracles so often happen. New insights are born in that dark well, insights that serve the rest of YOUR life, and better the lives of so many others.

This is what happened to Angela. Her life made such a dramatic turnaround on SO many levels when she worked through this calamity, that it’s completely unrecognizable now. EVERYTHING is better now.

But – you can check out her story yourself. She made that shift Catherine Ponder talks about in all her books, and look at Angela’s life now!

What Must I Do Now?

Firstly, understand that life happens inside your head, not outside of you. I know, it seems like you’re “in here behind your eyes” and life is “out there in front of your eyes”, but that’s really not how it works.

All your eyes do, as an example, is translate light into images. And all of THAT happens inside your brain.

Understand that your BRAIN is where life happens. And if you can change the way your brain deals with the material it receives, you can change the way your life feels, and the way your life presents itself.

By changing your thoughts, and the patterns of thought that don’t serve the life you want to live, you can change EVERYTHING!

All it takes is a little effort.