Louise Hay Affirmations

Of all the people through the past 100 years who made it their life’s work to study the transformative power of thought, Louise Hay is probably the most famous. She has touched the lives of the famous and infamous alike and provided countless people just like you and me insight into simple and effective ways to change our lives.

Louise (she passed away in 2017) was a prolific writer and creator. Her books sold well into the millions, and continue to sell today. Undoubtedly her down-to-earth wisdom and her gentle, loving approach play their part in her work’s success, but more than that, the practical application of her wisdom will echo through generations to come.

If you want to take a peek at some of her work, here’s a (very) short list:

Louise focussed on our basic right to love ourselves, and always stressed how important it is to love yourself first. Once you have a healthy love relationship going with yourself, it’s easy to give love to the rest of the world.

The Birth of a Publishing House

Louise Hay Affirmations

Louise Hay didn’t limit her impact on the world to her own writing. She collaborated with like-minded people from all over the world. In 1984, she started a publishing house, specifically to provide a home for authors and thinkers that have the good of humanity first and foremost in mind. Hayhouse has grown to be a powerful force.

The company boasts a stable of authors that reads like a veritable who’s who of mind-body-spirit gurus.

  1. Christiane Northrup M.D.
  2. Joe Dr. Dispenza
  3. Bruce H. Lipton
  4. Doreen Virtue

… and SO many more. Each of these authors and every one of their works is worth checking out!

Stories About The Power Of Simple Affirmations

True stories of the true power of affirmations abound. For in case you’re doubting the efficacy of affirmations, here is a real-life example:

The Power of Forgiveness

A young man lost the love of his life. The girl left him for another guy. He was broken, lost, broke, and without hope for the future.

His state of mind affected his work so negatively, that he almost lost his job. He ate virtually nothing and lost a ton of weight. The sadness had him fading away little by little.

One morning, after a particularly difficult night, he decided to try the one thing he hadn’t tried yet – to forgive.

He tried, and failed, and tried again, and failed again. Eventually, at his wits’ end, he changed his phone password to i4giveu.

Every time he had to unlock his phone, it forced him to think about the words. (This is how affirmations work!)

A few weeks later, he suddenly remembered how down he’d felt, how lost, how hopeless, and he realized he didn’t feel like that AT ALL anymore.

He was free from the heartache, free from the melancholy, free from the anxiety, free from the depression, and free from the stress of the broken relationship. And, he realized, he’d forgiven his girlfriend completely without consciously realizing it!

He could move on with his life, happier and mentally healthier than he’d EVER been before. And, he was armed with the knowledge of how simple it is to use affirmations. It took a truly heart-breaking experience to empower him for the rest of his life!

But the story doesn’t end here. He shared his story online. A woman in eastern Europe read the story, was inspired by it, and she changed her phone’s passport to the one thing she wanted more than anything else.

Her dream? To move to the United States.

Within weeks she started to notice a tremendous transformation in the lives of her family, in her home, and in herself.

As a footnote – she’s in the United States as a permanent resident, awaiting citizenship today.

The Power Of Your Thoughts Can Make Or Break Your Life

Louise Hay Affirmations

We often don’t realize how powerful we really are. Life, society, the financial world, our educational system, even our spiritual elders, have all designed a way of thinking and doing to remind us how powerless and dependant we are.

This is all (excuse the French abbreviation) BS! This kind of design is aimed to give power to those who control the world around us, and it’s ONLY for their own benefit.

The truth is, they have EXACTLY THE SAME power as you, as I, as your second cousin twice removed, and your aunt in Iceland. WE ALL HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME POWER!

A guy that recognized this, was Eddie Sergey.

Eddie is a 4th-grade dropout. He got pulled from school after he was diagnosed with brain cancer – so he didn’t go to high school, didn’t graduate from college or university, and he still finds it difficult to read books.

Yet, Eddie has made a HUGE success of his life by coming to KNOW how to understand and apply the power principles of the Law of Attraction in his life.

And, Eddie went beyond that. Because his early life was so touch-and-go, he often ended up with his back against the wall. He ran out of money and had no way to manifest his next meal. He ran out of gas in his rickety old jalopy and had no way to get to the piece-job that would pay him a few bucks for a warm place to sleep that night. You get the picture.

So, Eddie found a way to manifest QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY. And it works a charm for him. Now, many years later, he’s a hugely successful entrepreneur, and he still uses that principle. He still uses the technique that literally catapulted him from the jaws of the meanest streets imaginable.

So, here’s the thing: if a guy like Eddie Sergey, with ALL the odds stacked against him, could literally dig himself out from under the dung heap with nothing more than the power of his thoughts, then so can all of us. And remember, stories like Eddie’s abound. You just have to look for them.

You can check Eddie’s story out here. Watch the whole video – you won’t be sorry. At the very least, you’ll walk away inspired and ready for your next challenge.


So, Is This Even Scientific?

Spiritualists have known for centuries that you attract what you focus on. More recently, authorities like Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks, and Wayne Dyer have extrapolated on these ancient ideas and reinvigorated them with a modern context.

“Sure,” you say, “but you were going to tell me about the science. Well, the whole field of quantum physics has blown that can of worms right open. There’s no denial anymore that the powerful forces (natural laws) of the Universe go beyond our current understanding of Newtonian physics.

If you’re keen to see something that will clarify the question for you once and for all, have a look here. It’s a documentary starring that marvelous deaf actress, Marlee Matlin. And it will blow your hair back!

What the Bleep Do We Know!?


Go Ahead – Change Your Thinking And Make It All Work For You!

It’s really what Louise Hay was all about. If you change your thinking (and you can do this with simple everyday affirmations) you WILL change your entire life, one day at a time. No more sweating through endless self-improvement courses, struggling through skull-numbing psychological evaluations with little or no payoff, or worst-case scenario, simply resigning yourself to your less-than-favorable fate.

Spread your wings – YOU CAN! Take the first step. It’s easier than you think!