Law Of Attraction Documentaries

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS in action. It’s like gravity. When you begin to understand the LOA and how it works, you can begin to manifest your dream life around you.

This changes everything – it changes what you get from life, but also what you expect from life.

Above all, it changes how you experience life.

And you have that control already. You just don’t know how to harness it yet!

We’re going to recommend a couple of must-watch documentaries that will show you exactly what is possible. And how to turn your life into something you didn’t believe was possible!

The Secret

The Secret (Extended Edition)


This is the one people talk about the most. The original film was made by Rhonda Byrne in 2006, and it entered into the record books for the sheer numbers of sales and views it got in the shortest imaginable time.

The film is comprehensive and includes interviews with the who’s who of the LOA teaching fraternity.

The Secret is also not only informative – it is HUGELY inspirational. It really leaves the viewer with the knowledge that everything is possible.

What’s the most fascinating about this film is it reintroduces us to a concept we all know but forgot – we can actually change our lives by applying our imagination.

The idea that it is possible to make an impression on the universe by nothing but thought and focus was equally boggling when it hit the mainstream.

The ability to change the way we experience life by focusing on what we want out of life, instead of what we don’t want, was also mind-blowing when it was so succinctly expressed in the movie.

This film opened the doors of thought and really took an understanding of the Law to the masses for the first time in centuries.


Heal - Change Your Mind. Change Your Body. Change Your Life.


We’ve all marveled at the ability of the human heart to beat without conscious intervention. And at the human stomach’s ability to turn plant material into fuel.

Heal dives into many alternative-medicine theories for combatting disease and injury.

The film casts a wide net and explores ancient traditions such as Ayurvedic medicine as wells as modern technology such as sound-based treatments.

Heal taps into the belief that healthy people who think they live healthy lifestyles suffer from an increasing number of strange ailments and under the care of conventional medicine they’re getting worse rather than better.

It digs into practices like intuitive diagnosis, and self-healing.

In fact, heal is one of the latest LOA documentaries and it really is a great one!

When we deliberately manifest our lives, we often stop at wealth. Health and the possibilities are completely forgotten. Yet, the LOA works equally powerfully with your physical well-being. And the principles remain EXACTLY the same.

This is a powerful viewing and goes a long way to remind the viewer about the power of the mind, and the ability to harness the Law of Attraction to heal the body. If you know the principles.

Napoleon Hill’s Master Key


This is one of the movies it all started with. It dates from way before Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret and predates much of the LOA literature on the market today.

It emphasizes the fact that the Law is ALWAYS working. Even when you’re not noticing.

Napoleon Hill’s Master Key is narrated by the author himself, which makes for fascinating listening considering the age of the material. He became famous decades ago when his work Think and Grow Rich was published. In this work, he states 13 principles of success, of which the effective use of the Law is one.

The film is both highly motivational and highly inspirational. And the information is as solid as when Hill published Think and Grow Rich.

The Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story

Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story


Many years ago Jack Canfield had a runaway success with his book Chicken Soup for the Soul. If you haven’t read it, you really should!

Jack is an established master. His own story is evidence of that. He has used his success to inspire others. As a motivational speaker, he still teaches people how to use the Law to reach their full potential and live life as the best versions of themselves.

The film chronicles Jack’s life, the early success with Chicken Soup for the Soul, and the business empire he’s created since.

It should be on your list!

Money, and the Law of Attraction DVD: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness

Money, and the Law of Attraction DVD: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness


Last, but by no means least, is Esther and Jerry Hicks. This couple is a legend in the teaching fraternity.

Ester channels a cluster of non-physical entities that call themselves Abraham. In this film (there’s also a book) Esther and Jerry go into their past, where and how their association with Abraham began, what it is Abraham is here to teach, and how they are guided to do what they do.

Then they dig right into it – and do exactly what the title says. The teach, via the wisdom of Abraham, how to apply the LOA to manifest money, health, and happiness into your life.

As far as the detailed explanation and teaching of the law are concerned, this film is probably the most comprehensive.

Esther and Jerry have spent years since the production of this film teaching people all around the world and channeling Abraham to answer some of the most pressing questions about the LOA.

The work is HIGHLY credible, completely understandable, and is one of the only films available on DVD that teaches the Law of Attraction with this kind of comprehensive clarity.

If you’ve been using the Law of Attraction to manifest your life for some time, there is no doubt you’d have come across this couple’s work.

If you’re a newcomer, this documentary is a must. It is great to watch, filled to the brim with good information, and will give you a foundation that will serve you for many years to come.

The Science of Getting Rich – Using The Secret Law of Attraction to Accumulate Wealth

The Science of Getting Rich - Using The Secret Law of Attraction to Accumulate Wealth


This one is by Bob Proctor, another well-known LOA teacher. Bob was also featured as one of the teachers in the original The Secret film from 2006.

Bob’s entire adult life has been focused on helping people create greater spiritual awareness and prosperity.

Bob started out as a high school dropout. Many years later, while struggling to put food on the table, he started studying and using the LOA.

Today he is a self-made millionaire.

He knows how to turn around financial circumstances, and he knows this from painful personal experience.

If you’re using the Law of Attraction to manifest financial abundance, this DVD from Bob Proctor is a must-watch!

The Law of Attraction In Action 2-DVD set: The Teachings of Abraham

The Law of Attraction In Action 2-DVD set: The Teachings of Abraham


We spoke about Esther and Jerry Hicks and the teachings of the non-physical energy calling itself Abraham a few moments ago.

This DVD set is another from them. In fact, there’s a whole series of DVDs on topics Abraham discusses.

In this DVD Abraham, channeled through Esther, discusses the following topics:

  • How does one stop attracting father and son baggage using the Law of Attraction?
  • How does one move through anger into joy if depression is still a comfort zone?
  • How do specific words affect what we attract?
  • How do I deal with a difficult teenager?
  • What about time and aging?

Esther calls Abraham infinite intelligence, and Jerry refers to Abraham as the purest form of love imaginable.

When you watch this DVD, you will understand why!

A parting shot

We all assimilate information about the LOA all the time. There is no one of us, including the famous teachers, who know everything there is to know.

Knowledge is a good thing – it helps you to understand the Law better. And watching DVDs like these is excellent because it takes you right into the lives of people who asked the same questions you’re asking, got the answers, and moved ahead in their lives to create the kind of health, wealth, and well-being they’re experiencing now.

The Law of Attraction is one of 12 Spiritual Laws in the Universe. And it works all the time, and in concert with all the other spiritual laws. A proper understanding of one of these laws, in this case, the Law of Attraction, will give you a glimpse of the power of the other eleven.

In western society and philosophy, we’ve ignored the spiritual part of life. We’ve sacrificed it at the altar of unbridled materialism. But these teachers, on their DVDs, will show you how it is possible to combine wealth, health, and well-being by returning to who you really are – a spiritual being.