12 Spiritual Laws Of The Universe

When we think of science, we think of laws. Remember physics at school? Isaac Newton? The apple and gravity? Of course, you do.

We are used to basing everything we do and think on Newtonian physics, because these laws are what we can perceive with our senses, and they are the laws that govern our physical lives and even survival.

But we don’t often think of (and have perhaps never heard of) the spiritual laws that govern the Universe. And this is ironic, because the laws of Newtonian physics that we’re all too familiar with, are completely governed by the spiritual laws.

The scientific world is beginning to wake up to that fact with the reasonably recent advances in the study of quantum physics and quantum mechanics – two fields of scientific research that is considered by many to the connection point between pure science as we knew it up to now, and a much, much more encompassing science for the understanding of the Universe.

There are 12 spiritual laws, and each one of them teaches you something about success, happiness, and well-being. You know, those things you try to manifest in your LOA practice every day?

We’re going to summarize these laws for you and give you a little insight into how they impact your daily living. And how they work in such beautiful, harmonious concert with the LOA.

Here are the 12 spiritual laws

Feeling a bit lost? Maybe you’re a touch frustrated. Perhaps everything seems to go haywire for you. You plan, and you plan, and you figure out with all your might, but there seems to be some hidden force that just gets in your way every time.

A simple misunderstanding of the spiritual laws and the intricate connections between them could be the source of your frustration and unhappiness!

Here they are!

Law #1 – Divine Oneness

This law is 100% foundational. Every single thing is connected. This is not mumbo jumbo – there is a myriad of scientific studies which prove this, and the new findings that keep on coming out of the fields of quantum physics, underpin this fact even more!

But what does this mean? Quite simply, what you believe, what you choose, what you think and what you speak, what you desire, everything impacts everything else. You constantly touch the everyone in your life and the world as a whole.

At times this influence is obvious, even immediate. It may take a while at other times – perhaps even more than one lifetime or generation, but the impact is there.h

12 Spiritual Laws Of The Universe

Law #2 – Vibration

The Universe is made up of particles. This much you know. And every one of those particles moves constantly. They vibrate unceasingly!

It applies as much to the tiniest cell in your body as it does to the enormous planetary systems in other galaxies.

And, this too has been confirmed by traditional science!

Now, everything that vibrates does so at a specific frequency. Your liver cells vibrate at a different frequency to your brain cells. When all of those vibrations of the different parts of your body come together, they form your vibration.

And we are a part of the earth’s vibration, along with all the rocks, mountains, living things, and oceans – everything on and in the planet.

And earth is a part of the vibration of the solar system. So, we are a part of the vibration of the solar system.

Can you see where this is headed?

Here’s the kicker, though. You can actually change your vibration. And this is astonishing because by changing your vibration, you change the way you impact the vibration of the earth, the solar system, the galaxies, etc.!

Law #3 – Correspondence

This simply means that patterns throughout the entire Universe repeat. Something that illustrates this beautifully, is sacred geometry.

If you want to touch on that in a little more depth, I recommend paging through this book. It’s by Richard Heath and it’s called Sacred Geometry: The Language of Angels. You’ll fall flat on your back when you realize how sacred geometry plays a part in our everyday lives.

Sacred Geometry: Language of the Angels


Law #4 – Attraction

This is the one most of us are familiar with. When the frequency of your vibration matches that of something else, you attract it.

Here’s a wonderfully practical example, and it comes from your own head. Have you ever woken up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed? Sure, you have. It happens to us all.

But then, have you noticed how one thing after another goes wrong on a day like that? How you burn your toast, lose your car keys, how your cell phone didn’t charge properly the night before, how the traffic makes you late and, and, and …

That’s the LOA in action. It is giving you what you’re putting out. Without judging or condemning. It just does what it does!

Of course, the same thing is true for days where everything just seems to be blissful synchronicity. You’re simply getting what you’re giving.

Law #5 – Inspired Action

This one is SO tightly bound to the LOA, and their results are SO closely linked, it’s frustrating that teachers teaching the principles of the fourth law don’t stand still with the Inspired Action for a while.

This law is all about actively pursuing that which we desire. Simple as that.

Writing a check for a million dollars and carrying it in your wallet is one thing, and that’s perfectly fine to keep you in vibrational alignment. But the inspired action that comes with it, is where the magic lies.

The Laws of Attraction and Inspired Action can’t operate without each other.

Law #6 – Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Everything in the Universe is in a constant state of vibration. That means it is in a constant state of flux. Because much of this instant change happens as fast as the speed of light, and on an atomic level, you can’t observe them outside of a laboratory and without specialized equipment.

But they’re there, and if you’re not sure, ask Pam Grout. She dug a little deeper and wrote a book about how that transmutation of energy affects everything.

The book is called E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality


If you’re in doubt about ANYTHING we’re discussing here, Pam’s book will show you what is real and what is not!

You’ve heard people say: the only thing we can ever be sure of is change.

There are hundreds of sayings like this and they all refer to the macro-state and the Newtonian laws of our lives.

But these sayings are even more true when you apply them to the spiritual laws.

Law #7 – Cause and Effect

This is the law we all know about, but all secretly want to avoid it! This is so close to Newton’s third law. Remember that one? It says: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This one goes much deeper because it deals with the minute vibrational causes and affects every thought and action has on everything else.

Law #8 – Compensation

What you give is what you get. This Universal law focuses on compensation.

But bear in mind, that what you get can come in many different guises.

If you hit the jackpot and get a ton of money in the lotto, you may think this is the best thing ever. But maybe you lived a life that damaged the life paths of others, and this huge amount of winnings is a reward to lead to an unhappy life, divorce, your kids turning out to be spoiled brats, and you die alone!

Harsh, I know, but you will be compensated!

Law #9 – Relativity

12 Spiritual Laws Of The Universe

Here’s a little mind experiment to explain this law. Imagine a place far, far out in space. It’s completely black. There’s not a planetary body or a light source anywhere in sight.

Then, suddenly a planet appears. It’s just there. Now, is that planet moving, or not?

You can’t really tell, can you? Because there’s nothing to compare that planet to.

Stay with me – it’s going to become clearer in a moment.

Now, there’s a second planet. And these two planets seem to be moving away from each other. But, is the first planet moving away from the second? Or is the second moving away from the first? You can’t really tell, because there’s nothing to compare them to – in other words, no relative point of reference.

If you add a third planet and they seem to be moving away from each other, you’ll be able to say two planes are moving away from the third, or the third one is moving away from the other two. Or even that they’re all moving away from each other.

This interesting little conundrum shows just how things only exist in relativity to other things. And this is true for something as big as a planet and as small as a particle.

In a spiritual sense, the same is true. You can’t evaluate something unless you do it concerning something else.

No person in isolation can be bad. They can only be bad when you compare them to another person.

No emotion in isolation can be unpleasant. It can only be unpleasant relative to something else.

No experience can be bad on its own – it can only be bad in comparison to something else.

See how magnificently this relativity works?

Law #10 – Polarity

A coin has two sides – heads and tails. Now, if you lend me a quarter, and I get to giving it back to you, I can’t only return the heads or only give back the tails. No, I have to give you the whole coin or nothing at all.

Everything in life has two sides, and this is HUGELY important because our whole existence is made up of choices.

How would we know light if we didn’t have dark to compare it to?

How would we know love if we didn’t have hate to compare it to?

How would we know joy if we didn’t have sorrow to compare it to?

This is Polarity in action. It states that absolutely everything has two sides. Even you!

And, remember, it’s all about choices. If you don’t like the dark you find yourself in, just choose the light! Or choose the sweet over the sour. Or the steak over the fish.

You’re NEVER, EVER STUCK! It’s just about choosing differently and then manifesting the new reality.

Law #11 – Rhythm

This law says everything comes in cycles. Birth and death, the seasons, you name it. It’s simply been like that since the beginning of time.

And each cycle brings with it both the good and the not-so-nice. And it’s all about choice.

When you’re in the harvest season, you stock up. This makes your life easier when the winter comes – and it will come. That’s a given.

Equally, when you’re in the dead of winter, you rest so you can be ready to plant and harvest when the spring and summer come. And they will come! That’s a given!

These are simple explanations, but they’re real, and they keep our lives from being as dull as vanilla ice cream on a white plate!

Law #12 – Gender

If you thought this one is about the battle of the sexes, you’re dead wrong.

This Law explains two different energy genders – feminine and masculine or animus and anima. Or Yin and Yang. Make your pick.

Each of us has some of each, regardless of our gender. And each of these energies has different characteristics.

There’s a wonderful book by Kristin Neff Ph.D. called The Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion: Cultivating Kindness and Strength in the Face of Difficulty that takes a deeper dive into this law and the concepts around it.

The Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion: Cultivating Kindness and Strength in the Face of Difficulty


Find out more about how these laws impact your life

Spiritual laws affect everything. They override everything. And because we’re not taught them like we are the physical laws of Isaac Newton, we’re sometimes at a loss of what to do next, or what to think next, or what to feel next.

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