How To Manifest Love And Happiness

What you give is what you get, right? What you put out into the Universe, is what you receive back from the Universe.

This is not only the foundation of the Law of Attraction but also of many of the other Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

It is impossible to manifest love and happiness from a place of discontentment, disappointment, and apathy.

Here are a couple of things that will help you make the shift, and catapult you into a place where you can effortlessly manifest love, and happiness, and joy, and prosperity – as much as you can handle!

Write down what you want to achieve

Many studies have been made about goal setting. And many of these studies come from Ivy League universities. They all have one finding in common: if you write your goals down, you radically increase your chances of achieving them.

In fact, research has shown that those of us that write down our goals have a 45% better chance of achieving them.

Besides, how much fun is it to sit with a pen and a piece of paper and visualize your dreams, right?!

How does manifesting love look to you? Write that down!

How does manifesting happiness look to you? Write that down too!

Use what you have as tools

How To Manifest Love And Happiness

Vision boards are great. But we don’t get to look at them all that often. We’re at the office or out of the house most of the day, and when we’re at home we have a dozen other things to do.

Often, for days on end, the only time we spend with our vision boards is when we walk past them and give them a quick glance.

But, why not use your phone?!

  • Set your love and happiness vision board as your wallpaper
  • Set love and happiness affirmation reminders on your phone for various times in the day
  • Set a reminder on your phone to just remind yourself that you’re working on, and achieving your goals – that happiness and love are yours already
  • Set a reminder on your phone to be grateful – for what you have and for what you’re receiving – this includes love and happiness
  • Upload a few guided meditations on love and happiness to your phone. There are plenty of short ones available, and what better way can there be to spend a break?!

Create a feelings folder

Being in vibrational alignment is essential for manifestation. You know this. But have you thought about all those little opportunities we have during the day to use the things that happen around us to bring us into alignment?

Create a good feelings folder on your phone. Take pictures, make screenshots, make notes, record a voice note, every time you have one of those small things in your day that reminds you that life is great, and that love and happiness are already yours.

Give, especially that which you wish to receive

There is nothing more potent than giving the things you want to receive. When you’re manifesting money, this isn’t necessarily easy.

BUT – when you want to manifest love and happiness, those are yours to give in abundance. And the more you give, the more you will receive. Remember, nature abhors a vacuum. So, what you give out, is what will flow back.

Don’t envy!

How To Manifest Love And Happiness

Envy is a nasty emotion, and we all feel it from time to time. But here’s the thing about envy – it is all about lack. And you know how much havoc lack plays when you’re trying to manifest something! From a place of lack, you just can’t!

We forget that everything in life is a choice for us, so we get all wrapped up in the fairness or unfairness of life. Someone else has something I worked so hard for, and that is unfair. Someone else has a relationship I so badly want, and that’s unfair. Or, they are so happy and I’m not. It’s just not fair.

Let go of that way of thinking entirely. Each person has their own life to live, and their own set of inner and outer circumstances. Just like you have yours. You can’t control theirs, but you can control your own.

A well-known teacher once said we’ll never have everything we want until we’ve learned how to wish it upon everybody else in the world.

Those are potent words. We so often want something because we’re competitive, and having that thing will show that we’re better than someone else.

Can you see how that is just envy in another dress? And can you also see how that is a place that works against manifestation, no matter how strong your desire is?

Spring-clean your belief system

What we believe and how we believe it, often determines the experiences we have in life. It creates out judgments, and those judgments are often what stands squarely in the way of manifestation.

Those judgments and beliefs are extremely powerful when we apply them to ourselves. We do, all the time and the kicker is – they’re often COMPLETELY inaccurate.

We make ourselves unhappy with outdated and false beliefs that simply don’t serve us.

Spring-clean your beliefs. Examine them, and let go of the ones that do more harm than good. Remember, a belief is nothing more than something you tell yourself over and over again.

Tell yourself something different. Change your story. You’re in control, after all. This life is YOUR adventure, and you can have, do, and be ANYTHING you choose!

Choose what you think about. This will impact your belief system. Choose what you say. Choose what you look at. Choose what you pay attention to. All of these will cause a major shift in your beliefs!

Sit back and think for a moment about a person you’re really good to. It can be anybody. Now think about how you care for that person, not only with the things you do but also in the way you think about them and feel about them.

Now, care, do, think, and feel better for you than you do for that person. Be as good to and for yourself as you possibly can be. Think about how good you will be to that love you so desire. And be THAT good to yourself first.

Think about how happy you can make another person, and make yourself THAT happy.

See where this is going? Before anything else, you’re all you have. You are putting all the vibrations out into the Universe so the Law of Attraction can respond with the joy you deserve.

Imagine what you’ll be putting out when you’re THAT good to yourself!

Mind your Ps and Qs – even when you think!

How To Manifest Love And Happiness

Every thought you think is powerful, and every word you speak touches the core of the Universe. That’s something to bear in mind, isn’t it?!

When you complain all the time, or when your thoughts circle the things you consider wrong all the time, you are disempowering yourself on an unimaginable scale.

A conscious affirmation is something most of us practice every day. And that’s great. But think about this for a second…

Ivy League studies have shown that the average human being thinks around 50 000 thoughts PER DAY. Now, let’s dig into this a little deeper. Every thought you think is connected to an emotion or a couple of emotions, no matter how small they are.

Can you see how much mental energy you put out into the universe every day?

How much of that is actually positive? How many of those thoughts are in vibrational alignment with your attempts to manifest love and happiness?

We all do that because we’ve learned to be largely unaware of our mental worlds. We don’t focus on what we think until we need to use our brains for a specific task.

Now, let’s take this one last step further. Whatever fills your heart, is what will spill across your lips. Again, when you’re not paying attention, the feelings and thoughts that mill deep inside you all the time will come out when you speak.

It will be in the attitudes of the words, the way you phrase things, the way you perceive things, and the way you react to what others are saying.

Can you begin to see how important it is to pay attention to your thoughts and words?

The name of the game is vibrational alignment.

Gandhi said something very potent in this regard (I’m going to paraphrase without changing the meaning). He said as we change our own nature, so will the attitude of the world change towards us.

And changing our nature begins with changing our thought-worlds and emotional worlds.

A shift to the positive

It is when we forget that this life is a magnificent gift, an unbridled adventure where we can have, be and do ALL we want, that we get all knotted up. That’s the moment we start believing we’re not good enough, or that we’re undeserving, or that we’re just plain wrong about everything.

All of these are false. It’s just a question of remembering who you are, that you’re a spark of the divine, and that this life is JUST for you.

And, it’s also about remembering that you are co-creating this life with the Universe every single moment. Now, HOW inspirational is that. To think that you are in partnership with All That Is in the creation of all you want to have, be and do!

It doesn’t get better, I tell you.

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