How To Meditate For Manifestation

A well-known spiritual writer tells the story of being on a hike in the bamboo forests of Northern Thailand. This is an incredible, breathtaking (add your own adjective here!) corner of the planet.

The countryside in this part of Thailand is exceptionally hilly. The ups are steep, and the downs can be treacherous. And you’re surrounded by endless towers of thick bamboo.

It’s a tough hike in anybody’s book.

Somewhere during this hike, the writer managed to lose his water bottle. Initially, he didn’t pay this much attention. The entire landscape around him was green, which meant it was well watered. He was sure he could last a couple of hours, and that he would stumble across a stream where he could slake his deepening thirst.

Well, best-laid plans and all that…

Four hours later, now dehydrated and aching from thirst, he still hadn’t found water. And the going only got tougher. Miles away, in the distance, he could see the rice paddies on the slopes of the inclines the area is famous for.

He longingly thought of the water in those but realized they were just too far away. In his condition, he’d collapse before he made it.

Panic set in.

Another two hours passed. It was hot and humid, so he was losing the little bit of moisture he had left through the streams of perspiration his body produced to cool him down.

Eventually, another two hours later, he finally heard the gurgling of a little brook. He followed the sound and found a small trickle of ice-cold water, pure as the driven snow, running down the mountainside.

He drank and felt the live-giving body pop his dehydrated cells and fill his being with living energy. From pure exhaustion, he lay on his back and rested a while.

When he sat up, he took his notebook out and wrote down these words: I now know what it means to tap the source.

The meaning of meditation

How To Meditate For Manifestation

So many teachers, and so many writers, and so many religious masters, and so many gurus each has their own idea of what meditation is. And their motives for meditating are as diverse as their methodologies.

Yet, they all have one thing in common.

When they meditate, it is about tapping the Source and replenishing their wisdom, or their energy, or their well-being, or their peace from that contact with what is real.

Isn’t that a beautiful thought? The idea that a bit of quiet time with the origin of it all, can rejuvenate even the most exhausted soul? WOW!

Source in action

The incredible power of meditation – in other words, the act of tapping the Source – has been proven time and time again. It brings a sense of peace and clarity that is just not possible with our own human toolkit.

A fantastic book that brings perspective to the ability of Source to act through words and thoughts, is The Miracle of Water by professor Masaru Emoto.

In the briefest of nutshells, he did an experiment in his laboratory with water crystals. He placed these in Petri dishes and stuck a piece of masking tape on the outside edge of each of these.

On the strip of masking tape, he wrote a word. These words spanned a range of human emotions – from love to hate, and everything in-between.

He then observed how the simple power of that single word, written on a piece of masking tape on the outside of a petri dish, completely changed the structure of the water molecules.

And, in case nobody wanted to believe his results, he photographed them.

This is a must-read, btw! It’s the story and photographs of professor Emoto’s journey to the source with his water molecules. (It may be well worth your while to explore his other writings and pearls of wisdom too.)


The Miracle of Water


Now, if something as seemingly inanimate as masking tape could be empowered to change the structure of water molecules simply by writing a simple word on it, just IMAGINE how powerful it is to tap DIRECTLY into the source.

That – is meditation.

Why meditate for manifestation?

One of the most profound problems we experience when we try to deliberately manifest is not being 100% crystal clear.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t respond well to a lack of clarity.

Being unclear brings with it all kinds of other pitfalls. When our mental and emotional worlds are cluttered, in other words unclear, we get completely attached to limited outcomes and need to dictate the way the desire comes into the physical.

Let’s take an example. You’ve been wanting to manifest a new car. DESPERATELY. You’ve visualized it with all your senses right down to the last detail. You know what it looks like, feels like, smells like, and sounds like. Okay, maybe you even know what it tastes like!

When you’re emotionally and mentally cluttered, you’ll simply be stuck in the maelstrom of that want. That car will be fully manifested in your mind. But you’ll never take the step-up of becoming completely unattached to it for no other reason than you simply have the knowingness that what you’ve asked for will be given.

Not once, not twice, but every time.

This is less complicated than it sounds. It simply comes down to asking with your entire being, versus asking with your mind and lower emotions only. When you ask with your entire being, you’re tapped into Source, and the outcome for you is a given.

There can be no internal debate, no what-if, no wanting to determine the methodology of the manifestation, none of that at all. There’s just asking, and then receiving.

It’s like sitting at the table and asking someone to pass you the salt. You ask, and you have no doubt you’ll have the salt shaker in your hand within a few seconds.

And that can only come with complete clarity, the kind you can only receive when you’re tapped into the source.

So, how exactly do you meditate for manifestation?

Do your visualization while meditating

How To Meditate For Manifestation

Imagine this. You want to visualize something. You already have an idea of what that is, what it looks like, how it will make you feel, and the rest. But all of these things are limited to your own human experience and sense. But, it’s exciting anyway.

Now you take it into meditation and do the proper visualization. Here you are completely unlimited, entirely unfettered by anything at all – because you’re working with the Universe at the design stage.

Can you IMAGINE how astonishing the results of this collaboration can be?! Can you imagine taking your limited visualization to Source and having the input of All That Is to design your outcome?! WOW!

Your affirmations as a mantra

Depending on how you enter the meditative state, this can be really effective. If you write a concise and poignant mantra for the visualization or manifestation you want to do and use it to get into the meditative state, you’re focused when you get there.

But remember to be open while you do it! Better thoughts or ideas might come along, and you never, ever want to discard those!

Move from asking to receiving with meditation

One of the most beautiful ways to receive is simply to be grateful. Not only for what you are about to receive but for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

And there’s no better place to do it than in meditation.

Try sitting down, and meditating on nothing but the words Thank You.

Just try it. It is life-changing. If you keep at it, you will understand receiving like you never did before. You will start losing your attachments to outcomes, and you’ll start seeing, very casually and without effort, your dreams and desires manifest before your eyes.

Meditate on Thank You. I dare you!

Meditate by listening

How To Meditate For Manifestation

One way that a desire clutters up our emotions and thoughts, is that it gets SO powerful we simply can’t let it go. It dominates every thought, and every feeling we have.

That may be pleasant for a while, but not for long. It ends up becoming a deep ache and before we know it we’re completely focused on not having that thing or experience, and that takes us MILES out of vibrational alignment.

Above all, when we’re so obsessed with or dominated by a desire, everything else passes us by. We lose out on the entire adventure of life that plays itself out around us.

And we can’t hear a thing! Not a thought or feeling from another human being, not even a thought or feeling from ourselves.

Try meditating with just the act of listening. When you go into the meditative state, expect nothing, ask nothing, say nothing. Just be, and just listen.

A bit of guidance is always good

If you’re a bit stuck with meditation, and you’re not sure how to proceed, here is an answer for you.

Maybe you’re just starting out, or you’ve been meditating for a while but lost that magnificent contact with Source you experienced when you sat down to meditate for the first time. It doesn’t matter.

That’s exactly the time a bit of guidance helps.

Here is something that will help you – guaranteed. And the best thing is, it’s free: