Law Of Attraction Writing Exercises

If you would like to manifest something and make your desires come true, one of the ways you can achieve this is by following the Law of attraction. The Law of attraction is a philosophy about attracting positive energy into your life.

Positive energies can be attracted and bring positive outcomes into your life by doing exercises and promoting a positive lifestyle. Being grateful and focusing on what you desire will bring benefits into your life.

Keep in mind that the law of attraction is always in effect in your life, even right now. A key step into making the law of attraction work for you is knowing the kind of energy that you send out to the universe.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a philosophy that whatever energy you send to the universe will come back to you. For example, if you are feeling happy, upbeat, and grateful, the universe will send back positive results in response to your positive energy.

Some of these results could be the desires you are asking for. You can change the life you are currently living into something that you want and desire. However, you have to start manifesting from within.

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Law Of Attraction Writing Exercises


Law of Attraction Writing Exercises

Now that you know what the law of attraction is, you need to start working on manifesting what you want for the universe. Below are some writing exercises you can do to help you get started on radiating positive energy.

1.    Write Your Desires

It should be very obvious, but you can start by writing out your desires first. Listing the desires you have in life can get the universe moving and working for your side. Be honest, and do not be afraid of keeping it simple.

List down whatever you want the universe to give you. Believe in its power and expect the change. The key to making the law of attraction work is to ask the universe for what you want, not what you do not want.

  • Every day, list down the desires you want for the universe to manifest them.
  • There is no limit to the number of things you can desire.
  • Believe in the power of the universe and believe that you deserve the list of things you wrote down.
  • Each night, read your desires out loud, making sure to feel and believe the desire into your soul.
  • Always believe in yourself, that you deserve every single thing on your list, and the law of attraction will work wonders for you.
  • Cross out each of the items once you receive them and be grateful for the power of the universe.

2.    Create an “I am Thankful for” List

Law Of Attraction Writing Exercises

Just like the desire list, you can create a gratitude list in one of your journals to create positive energy and vibrate that positive gratefulness to the universe. Writing down a gratitude list can help with erasing negative energies inside you as well.

Again, this list does not have to be complicated at all. You can start with something simple like “I am thankful for another beautiful day.”. Just simply writing them down is enough to claim that positive energy into your life.

  • Start with writing “I am thankful for” and follow it up with gifts you received from the universe.
  • It does not have to be complicated; it can be as simple as having a sunny and beautiful day.
  • Whenever you are feeling down or feeling negative energies surrounding you, read this list out loud and fill yourself with positive feelings.
  • Consistently add to your list, especially if you get your desires granted for you.

3.    Write Your Own Life

Another way to manifest the desires in your life is to write down the life you would like to live. Write down an autobiography, except you need to write it down how your life is going to play out.

Change your career into your dream career and manifest it. Change your relationship with the person you like and write it down as if it is an autobiography. This exercise is called scripting, and you can continue writing on this until you have manifested it into reality.

  • Using a journal or paper, write your autobiography however you like.
  • Visualize and manifest your life to be the same as the script you wrote.
  • Using simpler words can make the manifestation work better for yourself.
  • Believe that you are already living in that life and insert yourself in the script you wrote.
  • Add into the journal as much as you want, updating it as your life progresses.

4.    555 Manifestation Method

The 555 Manifestation Method is a popular method used to create and manifest huge changes in your life. Following this method will bring you big changes and you should not be afraid of facing them.

555 Challenge: The Law of Attraction Writing Exercise: Journal & Workbook to Manifest Your Desires with the 55x5 Manifestation Technique


The 555 Manifestation Method uses a couple of steps that can be done in a few minutes. The method also works in affirmation and belief that the universe will work its way into your desires. Below are the steps you could take to do the 555 Manifestation method.

  • Know your desire and write it down as if you already received it and are grateful to the universe for receiving it.
  • For example, you can write down, Thank you for giving me $2000 this week. Even though it hasn’t happened yet, this method is called affirmation.
  • You have to write this affirmation 55 times every day for five consecutive days.
  • After writing it for 55 days, let the paper go. All you have to do now is wait for the universe to do its work.

5.    Have Fun

A key to all these writing exercises is to have fun. After all, for the law of attraction to work, you need to have fun and bring out positive energy. The law of attraction is a philosophy that focuses on positive thinking after all.

You do not have to make your writing exercises complicated either. Instead, focus on simple words and lighthearted feeling when doing the law of attraction writing exercises. You should also focus on positive feelings like gratefulness while writing them down.

6.    Visualization Exercise

The Visualization exercise is a type of exercise that focuses on your visualization. This exercise only takes fifteen minutes to do. Focus on one setting, for example, you are living in a luxurious condominium at the heart of downtown.

Write down the details of the scenario that you want to visualize and make it as specific as possible, almost like you are already living in there. Write how you want yourself to look like or who your partner is.

  • Visualize a specific scenario in your mind that you want to happen in your life.
  • This exercise focuses on improving your visualization and affirmation.
  • Write down the scenario and setting on a piece of paper.
  • Write down what you are doing in that scenario, including the people that you want to be with.
  • As you are writing it down, insert yourself and visualize that situation until it becomes a reality for you.
  • Believe in the power of the universe and wait.

7.    Daily Planning

Another law of attraction writing exercise that you can do every day is daily planning. Buying a journal or life and goal planner can make this process fun and simple. Simply write down what you want to happen this week and any succeeding weeks.

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You can also create your dream boards and cut out pictures that relate to the goal you want to achieve in your life. You can also write out plans and mark dates in your calendar while manifesting to receive the goal you want for that day.

  • Create a dream board by cutting out pictures or placing stickers in your dream board. This dream board should represent the goal you want in life.
  • Markdown dates in the calendar and manifests your desires for that specific day.
  • Write down what you want to achieve and receive every succeeding week, keeping your journal organized.
  • Mark the places on the map where you want to travel or live one day.
  • Create a roadmap to track your success when it comes to doing the law of attraction.
  • List down and follow your daily routine to the tea by writing your daily goals and lessons learned.

8.    Writing for The Future You

Lastly, write in your journal for the future you. Ask yourself how the future you look like or what is the future you currently doing? Write it down as if you have already achieved your goal and you deserve that end goal.

Always keep a lighthearted tone on this one while writing and focus on planning for your life. You can write down what your future would look like and how you would like to feel in the future. Some examples would be happiness and contentment in the future.

  • Ask yourself how your future look would like and plan.
  • Write down your plans while affirming and manifesting them in your mind.
  • Ask yourself how would the future look and feel like?
  • Write down in the journal as if you already achieved your goal and are grateful to the power of the universe.
  • Have fun while doing this writing exercise and focus on generating positive feelings throughout the writing exercise.
  • Visualization is key. However, you do not have to make it complicated. If you can’t seem to achieve your goal, change your words and keep it simple.

How Can I Make the Law of Attraction Work?

Law Of Attraction Writing Exercises

The law of attraction heavily relies on what you feel in the moment and the energy source inside you. You need to generate positive feelings inside of you, and those positive feelings will resonate with the universe in return.

After generating positive feelings, expect and believe in the power of the universe that it will work wonders for you. Believe that you deserve that change in your life and be grateful for the universe is giving you that desire. Below are the three laws of attraction:

  • Like attracts Like. The very first rule to the law of attraction is that Like attracts Like. If you have positive energy resonating in you, the universe will return the same energy and results to you.
  • Nature Abhors a Vacuum. This law is closely related to thermodynamics and refers to creating space in your life to receive the gifts that you want to receive.
  • The Present is Always Perfect. It is hard to be grateful at times. However, to attract positive energy in the universe, you must always think that the present is always perfect and be grateful for what you already have.


The law of attraction is a philosophy that focuses on generating positive energy to attract the same positive results. There are different law of attraction Writing exercises that you can do to practice your visualization and affirmation and achieve your goal.