Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

If you’re unsure how to start your Law of Attraction journey, or if like many you’ve tried and then lost your way and failed to stick to your guns in the past, keeping a bullet journal is exactly what you need in your life.

And you can create one using any journal notebook!

Why keep an LOA journal in the first place?

The Law of Attraction is big. Bigger than human words can ever describe, and certainly bigger than the human mind can encapsulate.

It is the flow of consciousness from and to and through absolutely every particle in the ENTIRE universe, and then so much more!

It works all the time. That’s why you attract and manifest every moment of every day. And this is important to remember – ALWAYS: you’re attracting and manifesting every moment of every day, whether you do it deliberately and notice that manifestation, or not!

Because so many of us get so stuck in the wanting of something and never leave that place of overwhelming desire, we miss the magnificent manifestation that happens around us all the time.

A Law of Attraction bullet journal’s first purpose is to remind you of what is already happening around you. It focuses you, even if it’s just for a few moments every day, on what you’re attracting into your life and how it’s manifesting.

Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

A fine-tuning tool

A conversation with one of the prominent Law of Attraction teachers in the world led to a few interesting insights not so long ago. This man said:

  • Manifestation of a specific ideal is often incremental. It’s like having a vision for a specific Lego structure. But you receive one block per day until you have all the blocks. Once you have all the blocks it’s only a matter of putting your vision together. If you miss blocks along the way, your structure, which was intended to be perfect, simply won’t be as you envisioned it. It’s all about noticing and collecting every block.
  • The more aware you are of how magnificently the Universe is manifested anew EVERY day, the more you’ll be aware of the subtleties that immediately shift into place and start manifesting around your own desires.

Where do you spend your energy?

A journal of any kind is one of the most useful tools you’ll ever have in your journey through this magnificent adventure we call life.

For many, journaling is the only time they truly get to spend time with themselves – the kind of time that heals and replenishes.

But a journal serves a secondary purpose too – and ironically enough, the secondary purpose may actually be even more important for deliberate manifestation than the first!

You see, it helps you to get focused, and stay focused. It helps you to notice the world around you.

Think for a moment of your dreaded everyday to-do list. It serves one purpose and one purpose only. This list of items you simply have to get done shows you what you can shift into the back of your mind, and which task needs ALL of your attention at this moment – that is until it has been completed and can be shifted into the back of your mind with the rest!

So, it really is about a division of mental energy. A division of focus.

That focus is important when you’re deliberate about manifesting your desires too. As parts of your dreams manifest around you, it’s important to focus and to notice, and then to shift it into the place of gratitude that should ALWAYS be vibrant and alive within you.

Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Retaining this kind of focus when we’re manifesting is often difficult. The deeper things within us tend to take the backseat when we’re overrun by the mundanities of everyday life – when the gears and cogs of existence have their way with us in the workplace, or in any other routine that determines what we do and don’t do every day.

A journal, even if it is a bullet journal, keeps you on track with what is actually most important in your life – noticing and gratitude.

It grounds you, and that access you have to your deeper self, the part of you that has absolute knowing that everything is okay and exactly as it should be, stops anxiety in its tracks.

Your journal will help you remember what you noticed, and that brings peace and alignment, and confidence.

The great thing about noticing is – once you start, you can’t stop! You’ll notice one bird sing, and tomorrow you’ll notice them all. Notice one positive event, and tomorrow you’ll notice ten. Notice one loving person, and tomorrow you’ll notice a crowd of loving people.

Like attracts like, remember! You notice one positive thing; you’ll notice a second and a third – and then a bunch! Guaranteed!

Your bullet journal layout

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about starting your own bullet journal? Why, heading off to Instagram or Pinterest to see how others do it, of course. And to get a few ideas, right?

Yes, right, that’s one way, but it’s also one way to be overwhelmed before you’ve even started.

Simply forget about everything you see online. This new bullet journal of yours has nothing to do with looks. And it has everything to do with feels.

It’s all about how it works for you.

Does your handwriting look like a half-blind spider with only seven legs stumbled through a puddle of ink and then wiped his feet on the blank page? It doesn’t MATTER!

Are you changing the direction of a thought before you’ve completed a sentence and then scratching it out so you can continue with the better or more refined idea? It means you’re in the flow! What it looks like on the page is irrelevant!

You’re creating an ever-evolving log to manage your feelings about the present and the future. There’s nothing static about it – not even one word or sentence. It’s the one place in your life where you can change your mind without ANY consequences!

Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

A few quick steps to get started

A bit of mindset adjustment

Anything you start or do for the first time is a learning curve. And it will stay so until you “remember” how to do it.

When you sit down to write your first entry, you might just be getting in touch with your inner self for the first time in years! You’ll sit down and stare at the blank page, and it will be as void of content as your mind suddenly is!

On a sidebar, at that moment you’re confronted with the same thing every writer in the world is faced with every time they sit down to write something. Famous writers, bloggers, journalists, university professors – they all experience what you will be experiencing at that moment.

It is called the inner journey to the first spark. The first word that comes to you and serves as the inspiration for the rest of the segment you’re going to write.

DON’T be frightened by this, for heaven’s sake! And don’t give up. Put all thoughts of perfection out of your mind and make a mess!

This is FOR YOU, and it is BY YOU! Nothing and nobody else matters at this moment.

Get something nice to write with

This is not essential, but having a pen that feels nice between your fingers and that glides easily across the paper is great. It allows your thoughts to flow freely. It allows your inner self to translate ideas onto paper with minimum effort.

Create an index

This is a part of the adventure. Keep the first couple of pages of your ring binder clear so you can create an index for your entries. Remembers, a bullet journal is not only for the writing, it’s also something you want to revisit from time to time to take stock of the ebb and flow of your inner life.

Make time for it!!

This is where most journalers fall out of the bus. They don’t physically make the time.

It’s unthinkable to leave the house without brushing your teeth, right? In the same way it should become unthinkable to go to sleep at night without having spent time with your deepest self and your journal.

Fifteen minutes – that’s all you need!

But those fifteen minutes are like brushing your teeth. It becomes a habit, and a habit often becomes a non-negotiable.

You deserve that time with your deepest thoughts and being. Heck, we all do. It’s critical for our own balance and vibrational alignment.

How are you ever going to see inside if you don’t look inside?

The story of Heather Mathews

In 2009 Heather had the kind of life most people believe delivers that ever-elusive concept of “happiness”. But she kept on having a nagging feeling it wasn’t the life she was meant to live – there was a huge gaping hole in her existence somewhere.

The time she spent journaling lead her to intense reflection, spurts of deep reading, and periods of high-impact learning.

Heather ended up making critical discoveries that changed her life completely. She found the fulfillment of her biggest dreams, profound happiness, and the true purpose of her life.

And it all started with a journal …